Sunday, December 28, 2008

How do I display content from my organizations' portal in users' "My Site"?

An easy solution...
By Nimrod Geva

MOSS 2007, as I'm sure you all know, enables the creation of a personal site for every user in the organization (called 'My Site').

"My Site" can be used as the user's personal desktop and as an efficient and effective networking tool.

Recently a customer asked me she could display company announcements/news in each employees "My Site".

At first I wanted to answer - "Simply use the Content Query Web Part to aggregate news (or any other list type) from other site, in other words just use it to display the company news in all personal sites." But then I realized that such a glib answer would be misleading. Every "My Site" is actually a separate Site Collection. The Content Query web part aggregates list items within the scope of Site Collection but what about aggregating data located in the portal (one site collection) into the users' personal site (each deployed as a separate site collection)??

I searched for 3rd-party roll-up web parts and found several– all look great but even so – cannot aggregate data located on another site collection. So – KWizCom developed an easy solution. While we were at it we added some cool JavaScript and AJAX effects such as: columns drag & drop (just like in outlook) and in-place editing (no page refresh!!), and added some cool skins.

The result is our new KWizCom SharePoint List Aggregator which is the only roll-up web part that can aggregate data located in another site collection!

KWizCom's SharePoint List Aggregator can aggregate different data types, for example: to list name - all lists that begin with "Project_". This is much more flexible than the Content Query web part that can aggregate data from lists of the same Type/Content Type.

Last but by no means least – there is no need for MOSS (Content Query web part is available only in MOSS) – KWizCom's aggregator web part work also on WSS 3.0 !

Sunday, December 7, 2008

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