Thursday, January 4, 2018

Customizing KWizCom SPFx remote list viewer to add google maps popup

We are hard at work here at KWizCom working hard to bring you amazing SPFx web parts. I'm sure you know that.

One of our best offerings are now a bundle of some amazing web parts that are all built on SPFx using KnockoutJS templating and bindings - which gives you the power to influence and change the HTML template of these web parts, or write some custom actions and buttons to really make them feel like custom tailored solutions for your exact needs.

One example I want to discuss today is something our product manager asked me 10 minutes before doing a demo for a potential customer, who mentioned he was interested in showing a location from a list item's column in a popup google map.

He was demoing our remote list viewer app

but this is true for our list aggregator or any of our web parts that are built on top of our amazing Data View Plus:

So, in just a few minutes I was able to provide him with this script that would add an action to the table control that opens a city or address from a column named "City" or "Title" in a popup.

Here is how it works.

Start with a list that has a location either in the Title column, or in a column named "City".
(you can have any other column names you want - you will just have to specify the column name in the script sample...)

Next, lets create a modern page and add a remote list viewer to it, setting the data source to this list:
You end up with this basic table control showing your list items. Please note the action buttons on each row - these are customizable actions that we are going to change:
Now, just click the "Open designer" button to bring up our template designer, scroll down and expand "configure table" section where you will find the "Item actions" list:
By default we provide an item click action plus 4 actions with icons for each item:
1. Open item properties in a popup
2. Open a new email with the item's properties
3. Open the item view form in a new window
4. Open the item edit form in a new window

Choose any one of these to replace, click on it and an action editor popup will open. First - change the icon to something with a map (you can type "map" to filter the icons list):
Next, paste this script into the script editor text area. For more hints on what objects and data you can use - see this popup for more help and information.

var openInPopup = true; //change this to open in new window

//for popup
var mapsLink = "{city}";
//for iframe
var mapsLinkEmbed = "{city}&output=embed";
//get the city column value, if doesn't exist - take the item's title.
var fieldValue = item.City && item.City.text || item.Title;

var buildCityPopup = function(city, src) {
    var popupCity = document.getElementById('kwCityPopup') || document.createElement('div');
    if (popupCity.classList.length < 1) {
    var html = '<div class="kw-Dialog-title">{city}</div><div class="kw-Dialog-content" style="overflow:auto;max-height:500px;"> <div class="kw-Dialog-subText"><div style="text-align:center;width: 100%;border-bottom: 2px solid #ce4b1f;max-height:180px;"><iframe src="{src}" width="300" height="150" frameborder="0" style="border:0"></iframe></div></div></div><div class="kw-Dialog-actions"><button class="kw-Button kw-Dialog-action"><span class="kw-Button-label">Close</span></button></div>'.replace("{city}", encodeURIComponent(city))
        .replace("{src}", src);
    popupCity.innerHTML = html;
    new kwfabric['Dialog'](popupCity).open();

if (fieldValue && fieldValue.length > 0) {
    mapsLink = mapsLink.replace("{city}", encodeURIComponent(fieldValue));
    mapsLinkEmbed = mapsLinkEmbed.replace("{city}", encodeURIComponent(fieldValue));

    openInPopup ? buildCityPopup(fieldValue, mapsLinkEmbed) :;
} else alert("Sorry, could not find a city column value. Please edit the action or add a column named 'City'.");

That's it. you are done. Close the popup and designer by clicking outside on the web part area.
Now you web part shows a map action icon:
When you click on it, you will get a popup with google maps of that location:

Like it? Questions? Comments?
Feel free to write in the comments below.
Please note, for support or more advanced "how do I?" questions, I recommend as always to contact our support (at) kwizcom (dot) com

Thanks, Shai.