Wednesday, August 29, 2018

Data view plus for SharePoint online (SPFx) template sample

And again... I love this web part so much I have to share another template I made with it.

For those who don't know, the data view plus is a versatile web part that connects to various data sources and display the data using several built in controls, plus it allows you to provide your own template for rendering.

Current data sources are:

  1. SharePoint List
  2. Aggregation of several SharePoint Lists
  3. Excel File
  4. Graph API
but more are added all the time.

So, I got an ask from our sales team to build a risk matrix sample template to a customer who was interested in this product.

Within a couple of hours of work I got this fully working template out to the customer - nothing but HTML and CSS work was needed!

Here is the result web part:

When hovering over a risk, here are the details:
You can see the filter control above the chart, and since this chart is built by custom HTML template - you can customize it as much as you want with full control on all rendering!

And of course, the data source can be any one of the supported data sources so you have a very flexible, custom tailored solution to fit any requirement your clients may have!

Note: The template is available in the sample templates of the custom control as of version build #47
Note 2: This sample template relies on the following fields to exist in the data source:
Title: text
Probability: number or choice (1-5)
Severity: number or choice (1-5)
Project: any type
Risk Owner: any type