Monday, October 6, 2008

CRM Error: Generic SQL Error Code: 0x80044150

So, I have seen and checked very proposed solution to this error on the web.

The only problem associated with this issue I did not see any record of is of course the error I had with a customer recently...

The issue is complicated-simple issue...

Simple explanation would be:
Once you export and entity, add a new attribute with the same name as an existing one (not case sensitive - meaning 1= new_myattribute 2=New_myattribute) you will get this error.

Simple, Right?

Now, for the complicated way of getting this error...

Normally, the CRM will lower-case all letters in the attribute and add the "new_" prefix for you.

So - when looking for a property to check if it exists I used to have a lower-case case sensitive XML XPath search for it, and if I did not find it - I knew it was safe to add it...

Only that apparently the CRM 3.0 and CRM 4.0 has some inconsistency with the prefix of custom attributes...

One adds new_ while the other adds New_, this means that one of our customers who used the CRM SharePoint connector in CRM 3.0, upgraded the solution to CRM 4.0, and run our solution again - ended up with this error message since he had the old field from the upgrade and we were trying to add it as duplicated in the new version since we could not find it...

Well - complicated enough?

I will keep the conclusion short -
1: Be sure not to add duplicate attributes, or import will fail.
2: When looking for attributes - don't use case-sensitive comparison (although tempting in XML)!
3: Email the CRM developer guys and request nicely for better error messages ( don't tell them I sent you :) )

Well, Please feel free to post here any other problems / solutions related to this very generic error code.

Just for the record - the error code mostly refers to trying to assign data into a field that is too long... so if you didn't check that first - this would be a good time to do so... :)

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