Tuesday, November 3, 2009

Social networking in SharePoint 2010

Here is a list of new things I picked up playing with the demo's and at the SPC2009 as well,

It turns out MS invested a lot in social networking in the new version of SharePoint, but is it enough? You decide,

I suppose many organizations are still new to the concept of employees having a rich virtual profile, but for some (larger once usually) this has become the reality.

So, what is new?
Among other things, I saw:
1. Silverlight organization chart – very nice one.
2. Activity feed.
3. My status note (integrated with live messenger if you want, or enter it in the portal if you don’t use live messenger/communicator)
4. Option to add twitter or other online community info to your profile with minimum customization (no real dev needed), Twitter has REST API this is why it is easy to use. Perhaps face book needs some dev.
5. Tagging, comments, ratings
6. Social data service
7. Relevance of search results is effected by my colleagues!

That’s it so far. Enjoy!

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