Thursday, December 3, 2009

How to fix Publishing Pages manually

Take a look at the latest article by Armine Vardanyan, SharePoint Implementer for KWizCom Professional Services


Have you ever seen the error: “Unexpected error has occurred” when you edit a page, after deploying a SharePoint site to another server or another environment?

It is a very common occurrence…

When you move a publishing page, it contains a link to a page layout with an absolute address:
http://incorrect_servername/_catalogs/masterpage/PageLayout.aspx, Article page with image on left

Open the Pages Library where your page is saved.
Click “Actions”, and then click “Open with Windows Explorer”.
Or Click “File” > “Open…” > Paste the link of the Pages Folder and check the checkbox “Open as Web Folder”
Copy your page to the desktop.
Open it in notepad.
Search for the tag and change the “incorrect_servername”(see above) to your site name.
Copy it back to your Pages library.

Now you will be able to fix your page without receiving the error notice.

Hope this helped!

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