Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Site Navigation Tree Web Part goes on codeplex

Finally got the time to put this nice free webpart on codeplex.

We had it on our site as a free download, but now you can get the source code as well!

It also features a very cool, fast and simple tree controls - one of the first tree controls I ever written that use pure ASP.NET - no AJAX or any other framework needed!


Let me know if you like it,
Next - I have to release our "feature visibility" feature (dumb name :) ) - which is a farm feature that allows you to show/hide certain features on specific web applications, site collection or sites.

Again - this one is shipped free with our wiki plus solution and it is about time it will go on codeplex!


Anonymous said...

I have problems while I am trying to install Site Navigation Tree WP for SP2010 (Windows 2008, 64-bit).
I am running it with admin privelegues, but I am getting Error 1001.
Any ideas?

Shai Petel said...

Lets take this technical discussion to the codeplex site:

Here is a thread that might be relevant for that error:

Also, please make sure you do not run from a network location but from local folders, and that the files you downloaded are "unblocked" (in file properties). This sometimes will cause problems.