Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Google Chrome uses IE login information

Does Google chrome uses IE login settings and information?

No… that would be crazy, right?

But – how else would explain this strange behaviour:

I have a SharePoint site that supports anonymous login. I have IE open and logged in to the site as user A, and in the site the is a tasks list that does not allow anonymous users to view items.

When I opened chrome and browsed to the site home page – as expected, I was still anonymous to the site. But as soon as I hit the link to the tasks list – it logged me in as user A, without even asking for my credentials!

So, Google chrome does not ask for login information? Does it share the login information with IE? This is kind of troubling if true, as so far I used several browsers to make sure I get isolated sessions and logins.

So, I opened IE internet options –> security settings and forced IE to work in anonymous mode only:

Now, when I open Chrome and try to access that list it prompts me for user name and password before it logs in.

Am I the only one surprised?

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