Friday, May 20, 2011

Promoting user profile changes into local site user profile

Here is a problem that I faced more then once, with no proper way to resolve it so far…

User changes his email address or display name in his user profile using his mysite’s profile update page, but the changes are not updated in all the site collections where this user is a member of.

Display name, email settings – nothing!

Online doc’s and research says you can use the “STSADM –o sync” command, but it never helped me in those cases where it didn’t work in the first place.

The only other solution I found was to delete the user from the site collection (which removes all his permissions) and add it again. But this is unacceptable for most users.

Recently I stumbled upon this tool in codeplex by Berry Cohen:

while his code was for SharePoint 2007, I needed it on my 2010 machine, so I upgraded it to 2010 and shared the new build in the codeplex page.

I have yet to determine if there are any side effects to using this tool, but so far it seems to be working with no problems!

It actually creates the fields in the user profile list for the site collection, which in turn allows me to even edit and modify it directly there.

Only note is, for production farms – use with caution! (and also, for production farms if you have that problem I would investigate it rather than using a workaround).

I was sorry to hear that Berry’s experience with SharePoint was short, and hope to have you back among our lines soon!

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