Thursday, March 7, 2013

Upgrading SharePoint 2010 VS2010 solution to VS2012


I *was* going to write a long post on how to upgrade a SharePoint 2010 project and solution from VS2010 to VS2012,

based on past experience, we all know upgrading visual studio was a bit of a pain…

Well, it turns out the guys at Microsoft did such a great job – I have nothing to write about!!!

You open your VS2010 solution in VS2012, it runs a short upgrade and shows you the results, and boom – you got yourself an upgraded solution, everything works beautifully – and the best part is: the upgraded solution works on both VS2010 and VS2012 with no problems!

After upgrading about 10 different solutions, I am confident to say I have nothing else to say.

So… It’s snowing outside… Nice… Ok, ok – its not that kind of a blog…

Coming up soon: Upgrading your full trust solutions to SP2013 – here I do have some insight!

Have a wonderful week!

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