Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Proudly Canadian?

Great! So am I.
So, visit our site and get your choice of a free SharePoint product:
My personal favorites you should be looking at:
  1. Data View Plus – since it is the Swiss army knife of all SharePoint viewers out there!
  2. List inline editor – I use it all the time, this one saves me literally hours of data entry or updating bugs every single day.
  3. Forms w/Custom actions – need I say more?? If you don’t know what its all about, check out this quick video http://www.kwizcom.com/sharepoint-add-ons/sharepoint-list-custom-actions/overview/
  4. Wiki Plus – Company procedures? Publish articles? Want to be able to use *real* wiki language with quick TOC?
Wow – it was hard coming up with just 4, anyway – one is yours to keep for free. Sound off in the comments for questions or feedback (guys, no support questions here please – for that visit http://support.kwizcom.com/Default.aspx or http://forum.kwizcom.com/Default.aspx as I can’t really help you in the comments)

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