Thursday, July 27, 2017

SPFx project breaking after moving to a new computer

So, as I was finishing my demo for #SPSNYC about SPFx, I moved my demo from my PC to my Mac laptop.

Running npm install everywhere, it all goes smooth, except I didn't have TypeScript installed.

So, naturally - I installed TypeScript:
npm install -g typescript

Next, I went to verify all demos were working.

Most were, one project refused to build.

Trying to build it yielded an error:

xxx:sharedcode xxx$ tsc
node_modules/@microsoft/sp-http/lib/httpClient/HttpClientResponse.d.ts(15,22): error TS2420: Class 'HttpClientResponse' incorrectly implements interface 'Response'.
  Types of property 'type' are incompatible.
    Type 'string' is not assignable to type 'ResponseType'.
node_modules/@types/react/index.d.ts(165,11): error TS2559: Type 'Component
' has no properties in common with type 'ComponentLifecycle


That probably means, one or more packages have changed since the time I created this project to the time I built it.

Luckily, finding out where the error comes from was rather simple.

See, the error complained an SPFx package was incorrectly implementing an interface.
That means, it is either missing a member, or have the wrong type of a member.
It even gave me the member name: Type, which was set to string instead of ResponseType.

So, I opened the HttpClientResponse.d.ts that reported the error, and noticed its "Type" member was of type "String".

Right click on the "Responce" interface, go to definition - indeed showed that Type was defined as "ResponseType".

I knew that my SPFx dependencies version didn't change, so I quickly checked the TypeScript version using "tsc -v"

On my laptop, it was 2.4.2
On my PC it was 2.1.5

So, the fix was simple:
1. npm uninstall -g typescript
2. npm install -g typescript@2.1.5

And viola! Everything back to normal.

Working with SPFx, you should know this is not the first time something like that happened, and unless steps are taken - this won't be the last either.

I will talk about this dependencies "hell" and what can be done about it during my session at #SPSNYC, so come see me if you can!

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