Tuesday, August 1, 2017

SPFx: An ISV Insight to Microsoft's latest customization model

As promised, here is my blog post about this session from @spsnyc

Thanks for all the great reviews, the comment I got the most was that it had too much great info.

My greatest challenge writing this session was focusing on a few advanced topics that were not widely covered by other SPFx sessions.

There is an influx of SPFx sessions on every conference these days, and I find the majority of them (maybe rightly so) focus on beginner level introduction to SPFx.

What I wanted to do with this session is something different.

Focus on a few important more advanced topics that were not widely covered by other speakers.

This led me to build this level 300-400 session that focuses on these key points:

  • Publishing versions
  • Pushing updates through CDN
  • Sharing code between projects
  • Building a custom PropertyPane property
I cover these points in a deeper level, and accompany them with complete source code example of my solution.

Here is the slide show:

* I highly recommend downloading and viewing the slideshow in PowerPoint to view my speaker notes and comments on each slide.

Here is the code samples:


Please feel free to give me more comments and suggestions on what would you like to hear about, so I could update my session accordingly.

Also consider following the github project since I will publish updates to the source examples to it.


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