Thursday, September 7, 2017

Office UI Fabric JS multi select support

Following up on my earlier post, where I shared our own version of Office Fabric JS that resolved a few major issues with versioning, isolation, and custom-prefix.

 As promised we will continue to deliver enhancements and bug fixes to our hosted version of Office Fabric JS library.

 In the near future, we hope to launch this as an official fork with open source in GitHub, but for now we still host it and you are welcome to use it.

 A reminder, here is the original post explaining how to use our version.

So, to the matter at hand.

Today, I am happy to announce we have released a new build that added a much needed feature to the office UI fabric JS library: support for multi-select.

As a design decision, Microsoft decided they will not support multi select control for usability reasons, fearing it won't be compatible with touch devices.

While you may or may not agree with their decision, there are times where using a multi select control will make sense, either as a requirement from your customer, your users or just what makes more sense for you in that particular situation.

(GitHub Discussion here)

So far, select controls that were enhanced with office UI fabric JS would just render as a regular single select.

Today we released an update to the library, once you set your select control to allow multiple selection, enhancing it with Office UI Fabric JS will now render a multiple selection control.

The main differences are:
1. After selecting a value, the drop down will remain open allowing you to select another one.
2. Clicking on a selected item will remove it from the selection.
3. The text box will now show all selected values separated by ,

Here it is opened:
And closed:

Here is the working JSFiddle:

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