Friday, August 1, 2008

STSADM Restore Error - Version does not match

Another thig you learn the hard way -

When you are using STSADM -o export
You should use STSADM -o import

So far so good... buy when the time in the night gets late - and you try to use STSADM -o restore... that can take a while to figure out :)

So - wierd thing is you will get an error saying the backup is from a newer SharePoint version and you need to update your installation... Naturally - I wasted a good hour making sure I have latest version intalled.

Goggle did not help on this one... Finally I noticed I am using the wrong command - So if you googled this in the same situation - make sure you are using the correct command!

Backup - Restore
Export - Import


Good luck!

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