Thursday, July 31, 2008

SharePoint Configuration Wizard Fail


Just installed a KB from microsoft on my SharePoint server and when I tried to run the configuration wizard afterwards I got a strange error message:
Could not start service SPSearch

Naturally, I went to have a look in "services" and I found that the "windows sharepoint services search" service was stopped, and could not start...

Starting it says it cannot login due to wrong username / password... strange...
I updated the correct password - started it - OK,

So - back to the wizard... running the wizard - same error message - checking the service - login failed...

After 4 or 5 times my stuck trace overflowed I guess, so I started thinking... why would the wizard change my service user name / passwor?

Than it came to me: I updated the SP admin user password a while back, and thought I updated it every where. Even used some stsadm -o upgradefarmcredentials and other credential updates...

But - than I came accross this command:
stsadm -o spsearch -farmserviceaccount domain\spadminuseraccount -farmservicepassword xxxxx

After runnign this command the wizard completed successfully.

I must say that the only reason I knew it had anything to do with the SPSearch is by watching every step of the wizard. The after-crash log file they propose is useless!!!

Well, when failing the wizard - here is another thing to keep in mind!

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