Friday, August 2, 2013

SharePoint 2013 Error 401 Unauthorized on /_layouts/15/start.aspx

I encountered this error today, along with a log message in the ULS saying: cannot find site lookup info for request uri

When browsing directly to the site home page or any other page it worked perfectly. Just this page /_layouts/15/start.aspx returned access denied error.

I googled googled, and even binged but could not find a solution.

Until it occurred to me – alternate access mappings!!!

It appears I didn’t set the site URL as an alternate access mapping for this web application.

A quick trip to central administration fixed that:

Client on “Configure alternate access mappings”:


Change to your web application:


Click “Edit Public URLs”


And add your new header in any of the text boxes:


done! now it is working as expected.


Anonymous said...

it doesn't work. it is due to sp trimmed security. anyway, good article.

Shai Petel said...

I have no idea what this comment means, you mean it doesn't work for *you*, possibly you have a different error. What do you mean "sp trimmed security"?

* thanks for the comment anyway :)

Jigar patel said...

after following your instruction and IIS restart it resolve my issue .

Thanks !

Anonymous said...

it works, thanks

Евгений Чикеев said...

Thank you, that resolved my issue!

Anonymous said...

Thanks for posting this!! It fixed my issue.

Daniel said...

worked for me. I just added my Internet URL (my Azure cloud service URL And now it works like a charm. THX.

Anonymous said...

that worked for me as well. prior to this step make sure you added the FQDN in your DNS server (eg. and the IP address of your SharePoint server.

Anonymous said...

This solution helped me. Thanks

Anonymous said...

Great Solution!

Thank you.