Tuesday, February 24, 2009

KWizCom sponsors the Markham .NET User Group

KWizCom believes in knowledge sharing and education. That is why KWizCom supports groups and institutions that promote these issues. The Markham .NET User Group is one such example.
The Markham .NET User Group was founded by Rostam Jarrah and
Reza Alirezaei, experts in content management, SharePoint and more. The two felt the lack of a .NET dedicated user group in Markham, Ontario and thus decided to create one.
The group focuses on various .NET technologies at each session such as mobile, web, Office, SharePoint and other emerging .NET technologies. The main goal in mind is to enable knowledge sharing, allowing members to learn from each other and gain new insights.
KWizCom, known for supporting grade school and college education, sees importance in promoting further studies for professionals. Group synergy like that in the Markham .NET User Group creates the atmosphere to bring about advancements and solutions that can, ultimately benefit
all. When education and community benefit calls - KWizCom is there, each step of the way.

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