Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Search Content Sources

By Sveta Yerpilev , SharePoint Technical Consultant
Part 1 of 3 part SharePoint Search Customization series

SharePoint allows you to index (crawl) different content sources including:

· SharePoint Sites
· Web Sites
· File Shares
· Exchange Public Folders
· BDC content

Want to add a new content source to your search?

To add a new content source to your SharePoint server open the Central Administration of the server and enter the relevant Shared Services.

  • Open the Search Settings page and open the “Content sources and crawl schedules” link.
  • Click the “New Content Source” button and enter all relevant data for the source you want to add to your search.
  • Press “OK”.

You now have a new Content Source that will be crawled next time you run a Full or Incremental Crawl for it.

But what if you don’t want to crawl all sites under this Content Source?

You can exclude a web address from the crawl using Crawl Rules.

  • Enter the Crawl Rules in the “Search Settings” page and add new crawl rule.
  • Type in the URL you want to exclude or include from the crawl.

To check whether or not a URL will be crawled simply, type the URL in the URL text box on the Crawl rules page and click “Test”.

Coming next week:
Part 2 of the SharePoint Search Customization series: "Search Scopes & Contextual Search Scopes" where we will discuss defining different search scopes for your SharePoint search.

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