Monday, May 11, 2009

How to backup and restore a website with Variations

The article below was written by Armine Vardanyan, a SharePoint SharePoint Implementer for KWizCom Professional Services. Armine explains step by step how to backup and restore a website with Variations


When you backup a SharePoint site that uses the Variations feature, the variation jobs you created are not automatically backed up. Thus, before restoring your site to a new web application, you will need to create Variation labels and the needed hierarchy so that the variations jobs will be created automatically. Once this task is completed you will be able to restore your site safely, without losing any information.

Here's how to correctly backup and restore your site, with its Variation labels:

1. You need to backup the web application by using stsadm(recommended):
stsadm -o backup -url
http://portalname/ -filename myBackup.bckSee How to copy site collection from one server to anther (Backup and Restore).
2. Create a new web application from the “SharePoint Central Administration” where you want to restore the backup and create the site collection. (/).

3. Go to your created web-site.
4. Go to “Site Settings” > Site Settings > Modify All Site Settings
5. Under the “Site Collection Administration” section click on “Variation labels”

6. Click on New Label and create your Variation labels (same as when you created them in the site you backed-up)
7. Click on Create Hierarchies.

8. After the hierarchies were created you can restore your backup and overwrite by:
stsadm -o restore -url
http://newportalname/ -filename MyBackup.bck –overwrite

Not so hard right?

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